INTEMAC Notebooks

INTEMAC NOTEBOOKS are publications, in Spanish and English, that collect work carried out by the Institute’s technicians or presented in the courses and conferences organized by it. The topics covered cover both the field of Public Works and Building and its Installations. You can download the notebooks you are interested in for free.

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Generalization of the minimum amount formula to sections of any shape

J. Calavera Ruíz – L. García Dutari

Composite slabs of ribbed sheet metal and concrete: their advantages and limitations

J. Jordán de Urries de la Riva

Criteria for the stripping of concrete structures

J. Calavera Ruíz – J. Fernández Gómez

Color and texture in structural concrete

José Manuel Pérez Luzardo

Modern durability technology

S. Rostam

Construction and monitoring of a large earthen work

C. Corral Folgado

Structural diagnosis and rehabilitation of historic buildings

G. Macchi

Static stability of factory façade enclosures

J. Mª Luzón Cánovas

Concrete structures for the year 2000

T. Tassios

Behavior of compressed reinforcement in bent reinforced concrete pieces

J. Mª. Cortés Bretón

The great adventure of the towers

J. Calavera Ruíz

Quality control of large metal structures

J. Mª. Cortés Bretón – J. Jordán de Urries de la Riva – A. Díaz Trechuelo

Water tightness tests on façades and roofs

J. Jalvo García

Joints in concrete constructions

J. Calavera Ruíz – E. González Valle

Emergency supply plan for Madrid. San Juan-Valmayor Pipeline. Quality control of forced driving

C. Corral Folgado – F. Valenciano Carles

The in-situ estimation of the strength of hardened concrete. Application to the case of concrete structures

F. Hostalet Alba

Contribution to the study of the influence of ashlar inclusions on the behaviour of masonry walls in the rehabilitation of historic buildings

J. Mª. Izquierdo y Bernaldo de Quirós

Tolerances in the construction of concrete works

J. Calavera Ruíz – E. González Valle – F. Blanco García – J. Mª. Cortés Bretón – J. Diaz Lozano – J. Fernández Gómez – C. Corral Folgado – F. Hostalet Alba – J. Jordán de Urries de la Riva – J. Jalvo García – J. Mª Luzón Cánovas – A. Muñoz Mesto

Rehabilitation and durability of stone façades

J. Mª. Cortés Bretón – J. M. Fernández París

Methods for dosing concrete mixtures

V. A. O’Reilly Díaz

Pathology of wooden structures

J. Mª. Izquierdo y Bernaldo de Quirós

A summary of the research carried out at Intemac on reinforced concrete reinforcement

J. Calavera Ruíz – E. González Valle – J. Fernández Gómez

Calculation of concrete structures against fire

J. Mª izquierdo - Bernaldo de Quirós

Numerical Dynamic Simulation Model for Railway Bridges Subjected to High-Speed Traffic

R. Álvarez Cabal – J. Díaz Lozano – J. Fernández Gómez – J. Ley Urzáiz – J. Santos Mesa – F. Santos Olalla

Determination of the strength of concrete on site by extracting microspecimens from hardened concrete

F. Hostalet Alba – L. Aranda Cabezas

Evaluation of the application of the virtual gantry method to the calculation of instantaneous and delayed deflection in beamless slabs

L. García Dutari – J. Calavera Ruíz

Final checks of the operation of installations in the building

G. Marín Estévez – F. Valenciano Carles

Analysis of wind action on buildings

J. R. Arroyo – J. J. Benito Muñoz – R. Álvarez Cabal

Concrete pavements for special purposes

J. Mª Cortés Bretón

An investigation into the effectiveness of the different repair systems for structures damaged by corrosion

J. Fernández Gómez – P. López Sánchez – A. Delibes Liniers

Durability of concrete in marine environment

P. López Sánchez

Curtain wall calculation

J. Mª. Rodríguez Romero – F. Santos Olalla – J. R. Arroyo – R. Álvarez Cabal

The most frequent defects in the quality of the Building and its solutions

E. González Valle – J. Mª Cortés Bretón – G. Marín Estévez

A first for EHE: The crank-and-tie method

J. Calavera Ruíz

Calculation of metal structures. Main differences between the EC3 Eurocode and the EA-95 Basic Standard

R. Álvarez Cabal – J. R. Arroyo – F. Santos Olalla – J. Mª Rodríguez Romero

Shrinkage and temperature joints and reinforcements in reinforced concrete channels

J. Calavera Ruíz

Technical data sheet of a reinforced concrete ribbed slab

J. A. Lahuerta – C. Sanz Larrea

Pathology of installations in building

F. Valenciano Carles

Influence of steel type on redistribution capacity in reinforced concrete slabs

J. Calavera Ruíz – H. Ortega Valencia

Current trends in seismic calculation

R. Álvarez Cabal – J. R. Arroyo – F. Santos Olalla – J. Mª. Rodríguez Romero – Eva Baena

Influence of concrete installation on the durability of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures

M. Burón Maestro - J. Fernández Gómez – P. López Sánchez

Concrete compaction. Rules for Concrete Vibrating

R. Barrios Corpa

Study on the variation of color and durability in exposed concretes

F. Carvalho de Arruda – J. Calavera Ruíz – J. Fernández Gómez – P. López Sánchez

Expansion joints in brick façade enclosures. Distances, construction details and execution

A. Fernández Sáez – J. Mª Luzón Cánovas – A. Muñoz Mesto – J. Mª. Sánchez Arroyo

Response mechanisms against shear stress in precast beams

D. Fernández-Ordóñez Hernández

Foreseeable influence on the future of high-performance concrete precast

J. Calavera Ruíz

High modulus mixes for roads. Application criteria and advantages

C. Corral Folgado

Project control and pathology of metal structures

R. Álvarez Cabal – J. R. Arroyo Arroyo – S. Dávila Sánchez

The qualities needed to write pathology reports structures

J. Calavera Ruíz

Load transfer on concrete columns with casings of the same material. An experimental study

B. Navarrete

Estimation of amounts in building slabs

J. Calavera Ruíz – E. González Valle

Pathologies in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures

J. Díaz Lozano – R. R. Rodríguez Escribano – I. Carpintero García

Layouts and stability of Gothic architecture

M. J. Cassinello Plaza

Influence of the relative area of reinforcement protrusion on the structural behavior of reinforced concrete

U. Mayer – R. Eligehausen

Temperature, maturity and strength of concrete

B. Pereperez – E. Barberá Ortega

Overlapping of the reinforcements in the corner of gantries subjected to closing moment

K. Lundgren

Influence of the type of facing and the type of specimen, cubic or cylindrical, on the measure of the strength of the concrete

C. P. Garavito – J. Calavera Ruíz

Global positioning system. Fundamentals and application in engineering works

C. Corral Folgado – P. Valdés Fdez. de Alarcón – E. López-Cantí

Reception load tests of the structures of the M-50 Madrid ring road and the R-3 and R-5 radials

J. Ley Urzaiz y J. Rozas

Enclosures and openings for installations in residential buildings

G. Marín Estévez – F. Valenciano Carles

Service life of concrete structures

S. Rostam

Recommendations for the design of basement walls subjected to vertical faces caused by façade pillars

A. De la Peña

Geotechnical instrumentation of a maritime work: breakwater for the expansion of the port of Alicante

C. Eleno Carretero – Mª J. Ruíz Fuentes – P. Usillos Espín

Installations in underground car parks

F. Valenciano Carles

Impact of anti-wash additives on underwater concrete (submerged concrete)

L. Sanz Pérez

Pathology of ceramic flooring

J. Mª. Luzón Cánovas – J. Mª Sánchez Arroyo

Concrete confinement and application to the calculation of strapping columns

J. Calavera Ruíz

Analysis of the regulatory treatment of the EHE Instruction and Eurocode 2 in relation to the ultimate limit states of punching and shear stress in reinforced concrete footings

J. Calavera Ruíz – J. Mª. Sánchez Romero

Short brackets and beams with half-timber support of reinforced concrete

K. Nagrodzka-Godycka

Influence of different variables on the bending behavior of reinforced concrete sections reinforced with composite materials

E. Díaz Heredia

Tunnel waterproofing

P. Usillos Espín

The four towers in Madrid. Study on the behavior against the wind in the limit state of service

R. Álvarez Cabal – P. P. Hoogendoorn

Experimental study of cracking in reinforced concrete pieces subjected to pure bending

E. Calderón Bello

Window tightness

J. Mª. Luzón Cánovas – S. Fraile Mora

Various experiences of all-in-one test sections and fills

F. Fernández de la Llave – J. J. González – J. A. de la Rosa

Pressurized water supply pipe lined with reinforced concrete dice

R. Brandán – D. Gálvez Cruz

The retaining wall for the new Museum of Royal Collections

A. Blanco Zorroza – R. Barrios Corpa

Interpretation of Ultrasonic Tests (Cross-Hole) on Piles

J. Ley Urzaiz

Storm pond in Arroyofresno. Control of concrete and equipment

F. Valenciano Carles – L. González Nuño – F. López Ortún – E. de la Paz Cobos

Factors Affecting the Strength and Durability of Concrete Tiled Sidewalks

F. Catalá Moreno

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Interaction between AVE works and pre-existing constructions

R. Rodríguez Escribano – A. Blanco J. Ley Urzaiz

Airport Certification

A. París Loreiro

Actions on façades

R. Álvarez Cabal – S. Dávila Sánchez-Toscano – P. P. Hoogendoorn

Influence of tensile stresses on the shear strength of slab joists without transverse reinforcement

D. Fernández Montes

Bridge accidents; Mistakes of yesterday and today, lessons for tomorrow

J. Ley Urzaiz – E. González Valle

Comparison of rectangular and right parabola diagrams in straight flexocompression according to Eurocode 2 and the EHE-08 instruction for high-strength concretes

N. Pérez García - M. A. Liébana Ramos – R. Ramírez de la Pinta

Comparative analysis between the procedures proposed by EHE-08 and Eurocode EC-2 for the calculation of deflections in reinforced concrete beams and slabs

E. Díaz-Pavón Cuaresma – E. Calderón Bello – R. Rodríguez Escribano

Earthquake in Lorca

R. Álvarez Cabal – R. Rodríguez Escribano

Pathology in constructions resolved in prefabricated concrete elements

M. A. Liébana Ramos

Common pathologies in welded joints

R. Barrios Corpa – A. Madueño Moraño – P. Velázquez Lorenzo