Over its history, INTEMAC has constantly dedicated part of its budget to research, development, and innovation activities, both internally to improve its own services, as well as to expand the knowledge in the construction field, its procedures, and materials.

More than 30 doctoral theses in our Central Laboratory and more than 200 articles in prestigious national and international journals.

INTEMAC has developed numerous research plans, always related to construction activities, some with internal financing, others with external private financing, and some with official financing as part of public tendering processes or as part of international projects financed by the European Union . As a result, over the years, more than 30 doctoral theses have been developed in our Central Laboratory, and our technical staff have produced more than 200 scientific articles in prestigious Spanish and international magazines.

We have close ties to Universities and our staff currently includes ten people who coordinate their work at INTEMAC with teaching at the university, and it has a permanent scholarship at the Advanced Technical School for Civil Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid to support doctoral theses in the field of Construction.

Another element that has been a constant in the development of INTEMAC’s activity is its membership in technical associations, both national and international, as well as its active participation in those associations in regard to inclusion on the different commissions, as well as its collaboration at congresses and on the development of standards.

These activities have contributed significantly to the progress in the standards in the construction sector, allowing INTEMAC to stay on the cutting edge of the knowledge of the sector.