Ethics, integrity and human rights

INTEMAC, a subsidiary of the TYPSA Group, within the framework of the Global Compact, is committed to the 10 United Nations Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Our commitment to ethics, integrity and human rights is watertight and we ensure that all our workers and collaborators embrace it. We want all our actions to be ethically acceptable, legally valid, desirable for society and, of course, transparent.

Integrity Management System

INTEMAC has an Integrity Management System in place that includes, among others, a Code of Ethics, Corporate Integrity Policy and Annual Modern Slavery Statement. We have a Committee in charge of ensuring proper compliance with the system, which acts independently and reports directly to the Board of Directors, and a Compliance Department that reports to the Committee. In addition, an Internal Information Channel is open for whistleblowing and sending queries, complaints or suggestions.

Our responsibility for human rights is demonstrated in our firm rejection of modern slavery and respect for equality, diversity and inclusion, and is embodied in annual Declarations. INTEMAC extends this commitment to human rights to its suppliers so that any company wishing to be part of the supply chain, must contractually commit to comply with the principles of business conduct and ethics.

TYPSA Group’s renewed Code of Ethics was released in June 2013 and is aimed at establishing the basic conduct principles of the entire Group, its staff and senior management.

Code of Ethics

Annual Declaration on Modern Slavery

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement