Construction Pathology and Forensic Engineering.

Since its foundation in 1967, INTEMAC has stood out for the activities it develops in the field of Construction Pathology and Forensic Engineering, offering specialized services to diagnose, analyze and solve structural complexities and failures in construction.

This division combines technical expertise with advanced technology to provide a comprehensive understanding of construction issues, from pathology identification to incident forensics.

Commitment to safety, quality and sustainability.

The commitment to safety, quality and sustainability guides each project, in order to restore functionality and extend the useful life of the affected infrastructures, while ensuring that future constructions are carried out with the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Our Construction Pathology and Forensic Engineering services

Specialists in diagnosing, analysing and resolving structural complexities and construction failures.

Expert reports

INTEMAC has more than 50 technicians with enormous experience in the preparation of expert reports both to address disagreements between properties and construction companies and for the resolution of lawsuits for breach of contracts or architectural or structural defects.