INTEMAC Technical Notes

Regardless of the series of INTEMAC Notebooks, information notes are produced on specific aspects that we think are not only of internal use, but that may be of interest to many Construction Technicians.

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An experimental investigation on different procedures for initial curing of concrete specimens on site

J. Calavera Ruíz – J. Fernández Gómez – G. González Isabel – J. Ley Urzaiz

29 pages

The fire at the Windsor Building in Madrid. Investigation of the fire behaviour of the residual resistant capacity of the structure after fire

J. Calavera Ruíz – E. González Valle – J. Díaz Lozano – J. L. Cano Muñoz – J. Fernández Gómez – J. Mª. Izquierdo y Bernaldo de Quirós – J. Ley Urzaiz

35 pages

Criteria for quality control of concrete strength in beam-column nodes

J. Calavera Ruíz

10 pages

Criteria for the design and execution of reinforcement overlaps

J. Mª. Rodríguez Romero

16 pages

Influence of oxidation and mortar stains on the adhesion of concrete reinforcement

J. Calavera Ruíz – A. Delibes – J. Mª. Izquierdo y Bernaldo de Quirós – G. González Isabel

12 pages

The foreseeable decrease in pillar safety with the entry into force of the EC-2 Eucode, and the need for strict control of the quality of concrete on columns

J. Calavera Ruíz

10 pages