About us

At INTEMAC, we pride ourselves on being a pioneering institution in the field of civil engineering, specializing in the inspection, evaluation, monitoring, and rehabilitation of infrastructures.

With more than five decades of experience, we have consolidated our position as a leader in the sector, offering comprehensive solutions ranging from bridge and structure management to the implementation of advanced technologies for sustainable development and renewable energy.

Safety, efficiency and sustainability of infrastructures.

Over the years, we have worked closely with government entities, autonomous communities, municipalities and motorway concessionaires, implementing successful structure management systems and carrying out thousands of geotechnical surveys, project controls, material controls, inspection controls that underline our versatility and ability to meet any challenge.

At INTEMAC, we strongly believe in the power of innovation to transform and improve the world around us. Our team of experts, comprised of engineers, chemists, and geologists, is dedicated to developing sustainable and efficient solutions that respond to today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

Mission and values

INTEMAC is firmly committed to acting efficiently in the service of its clients, providing service and innovative solutions that set it apart, based on its knowledge of the sector and the effective use of Construction technologies.

We are an independent company that provides consulting and quality control services in the Construction sector, with no dependent relations with Construction Companies, Project Designers, or Materials Manufacturers. Our policy is based on a positive attitude, as well as on the training and specialisation of our professionals, who represent one of the distinguishing factors that characterise INTEMAC’s services, producing, through the combined application of know-how and technology, a result that clearly aimed at achieving efficiency and quality.


INDEPENDENCE allows us to make the necessary decisions, thinking only of the service for our clients, without the interference of other conditioning factors.


The KNOWLEDGE acquired through TRAINING and EXPERIENCE are undoubtedly necessary conditions to develop ideas and solutions that allow our clients to meet their challenges.


A POSITIVE ATTITUDE is also one of the fundamental characteristics of our identity. It represents a philosophy in the way to approach human and professional relations, always being accessible, flexible, and open to the search for solutions in response to the possible decisions that arise from our consulting and control activities.

Our Story (1967-.... )


In June 1967, the Technical Institute of Materials and Construction, INTEMAC was founded by Mr. José Calavera-Ruiz as an engineering consulting company, with a staff of 14 people.

1966 – 1975

In its beginnings, it experienced a rapid growth process, the company’s activity was technical assistance and quality control in construction. The first contracts that the company had and its main activity was the technical assistance to Tetracero and Macsa, assistance that resulted in Handbooks and other Technical Publications, of a high level, extraordinarily practical and which were a great help for technicians dedicated to the structural field.

With the support of a testing laboratory, which had belonged to Tetracero and was well equipped, including for carrying out research on structural elements, the activities of quality control of materials and structural elements, as well as quality control of the execution of the works, began to be developed, one of the first contracts developed being the quality control of the masonry works of the Villalba-Villacastín Highway. Villalba-Guadarrama Tunnel Section, 1968-1972, and the South Solution of Bilbao, 1972-1974. Likewise, concrete quality control services and technical assistance began to be provided for pre-mixed concrete manufacturing companies and for some construction companies.

1968-1972 Tramo Villalba-Túnel de Guadarrama
1968-1972 Villalba-Guadarrama Tunnel Section

In the first years of its life, together with technical assistance to companies and quality control, INTEMAC also provided services for the study of special structures, among which such relevant projects were developed as the Project for the Structure of the Torrelavega Cattle Fair, (J. Calavera and E. González Valle), with a space vault of 60 m of span, and the Chonta Viaduct, (G. Aparicio Soto), a striking project due to the opening of its 25 and 40 m high piers. Likewise, in this first stage, technical assistance was provided to CADE, a company that manufactures prefabricated concrete pieces, for which a collection of prestressed beams for bridge decks and technical assistance was made for companies that manufacture precast concrete and for some construction companies.


INTEMAC grows (1970-1980)

In the 1970s-1980s, the company grew from 14 employees at the time of its foundation to more than 100 employees. The quality control activity was increased with contracts as relevant as, among others, the Control of the Works of the Burgos-Malaga Motorway, Burgos-Pancorbo Section, in the field of civil works, and in Building, the Caser building, the Chamartin Station, Schools of the Madrid Emergency Plan, Control of Prefabricated Centers of the program promoted by the Board of Constructions, MEC School Facilities and Equipment throughout the country.

In this decade, INTEMAC began to develop studies of structural pathology and reinforcements, a field that later became an activity in which it holds great technical leadership to date. Of great relevance were the studies on concretes in whose aggregates pyrites were detected, in Catalonia, and the Report on the Slabs of the Buildings of the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Study of the Reinforcement, after the accident that had occurred.

Edificio Beatriz


The decade of 1980-1990 was a period of great development of INTEMAC’s activity, which led to an increase in the size of the company, experiencing, throughout this period, an increase in its workforce from 100 people at the beginning of the decade to 300 who made up its workforce at the end of it.

INTEMAC developed important contracts in the field of Technical Assistance tendered by the MOPU, and by other administrations, such as the Municipal Works Control Contract of the Madrid City Council, a contract of which we were awarded in several consecutive periods, the Technical Assistance to the Comprehensive Sanitation Plan of Madrid, the Control of the LNG Tank of Enagás in Barcelona, the Control of the Works of the Punta Lucero Dock, in the port of Bilbao, the beginning of the Control and Technical Assistance activities of the Centennial Bridge in Seville, among others.


In the field of building, we were present in very important works, such as the Project Control, Materials and Execution of the Europa Tower and the Picasso Tower, the Bank of Spain in Madrid, the Olympic Village in Barcelona 92, Iberia Hangar No. 6 in Madrid.

In this decade, INTEMAC improved its structural auscultation equipment and developed different contracts for the auscultation of metal bridges for Renfe.

Invited by TYPSA, we collaborated in the Materials Control at the Islamic University in Riyadh, being the first time that we developed an important contract abroad.

We also continue to provide services in the field of Forensic Engineering (structural pathology) in very relevant matters, such as the Ríos Rosas Telephone Exchange in Madrid, after suffering the effects of the explosions, or the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

1974-1985 A.T. and QUALITY CONTROL Torre Europa
1980-1988 A.T. and QUALITY CONTROL Picasso Tower

Consolidation and jobs abroad

In the decade 1990-2000, the size of the company continued to increase, reaching a workforce of nearly 400 people, establishing a wider geographical implantation, through the creation of delegations in Andalusia, Castilla León and Valencia, which were added to the existing one in Catalonia.

Given the requirement established by the LOE (Building Regulation Law) in this decade and in the following decade, important activities were developed within the field of Control for Ten-Year Construction Insurance, control required by insurance companies and for whose activity INTEMAC had recognition and approval.

In addition to the MOPU’s Control and Technical Assistance activity for road works, we have added contracts awarded by other administrations, such as Adif for the Madrid-Seville high-speed train, the Ministry of the Environment and the Community of Madrid.

In Building we develop the Control of very important works, such as the Hotel Las Arts and the Mapfre Tower in Barcelona, the Kio Towers (Puerta de Europa) in Madrid or the Bonaire Shopping Complex in Valencia.

Torres Kio Madrid
1989-1996 A.T. and C QUALITY TOWERS KIO (Gateway to Europe)
Hotel Les Arts y Torre Mapfre
A.T. and QUALITY CONTROL Hotel Les Arts | MAPFRE Tower

1980-2022 Pathology Studies. Forensic Engineering

At the end of the twentieth century and subsequent years, INTEMAC, thanks to the knowledge and experience of its multidisciplinary staff and the great specialization of its laboratory, participates in the study of the most spectacular accidents that occurred in Spain, being requested our collaboration for the analysis of important accidents, such as those that occurred in the Sports Centers of Ermua and Huesca. the Melilla Deposit or the problem created by the presence of Cemento Aluminoso in the Vicente Calderón Stadium.


From the year 2000 onwards, INTEMAC’s activity followed the same line as the previous decade, providing Quality Control and Technical Assistance services in different Civil Works contracts, such as those of the General Directorate of Roads of the MOPU, for ADIF in sections of High Speed lines and for AENA in different airports.

We also developed other important contracts for the Madrid Metro and for the Extension of the M-30 in Madrid.

In recent years we have been collaborating in the field of renewable energies, developing control activities in the construction of wind farms, built both in Spain and abroad. INTEMAC developed the activities of assistance, control and auscultation of the works of the AVE Train Tunnel as it passes through the area where the Church of the Sagrada Familia is located.

ciudad deportiva real madrid
2004-2009 A.T. and Quality Control of Towers of the old Ciudad Deportiva del R. Madrid

In construction, we participate in the control of the execution of very important works, such as the Caja Mágica in Madrid, the Building for the Royal Collections and the Hospitals of Toledo and Cuenca; the control of four of the five towers of the complex located on the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, Torre Espacio, Torre de Cristal, Torre PwC and Torre Caleido, and in the control of the façade and facilities of the Cepsa Tower; the control of the Intempo Building in Benidorm.

On the other hand, there was a great increase in the activity of Technical Assistance for the Inspection of Bridges, both from the state network and from other regional administrations and motorway concessionaires.

In the field of structural pathology we continue to provide services, having collaborated INTEMAC in this period in the Analysis of the Loss and Study of the Reinforcement, where appropriate, of the terrorist attacks that caused serious damage to the parking lots of T-2 and T-4, in Madrid, of the fire in the Windsor Building.

Likewise, our services were required by the Insurance Compensation Consortium, for the study of the damages caused by different accidental events and in particular by the Lorca Earthquake.

At the end of 2018, INTEMAC joined Grupo TYPSA, the leading civil engineering and architecture company in the country.

The Group thus acquires new technical capabilities in the evaluation of structural safety and in issues related to the durability and functionality of structures, since INTEMAC has the most qualified professionals in these techniques and the best equipped testing laboratory in Spain.

INTEMAC thus more easily develops different works in countries where the Group is established, carrying out work together with TYPSA in Peru, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Georgia and Canada.

2018 Study of the structure of the Edificio España (Madrid)
Estudio de las condiciones de seguridad de puente en Riad (Arabia Saudí)
Study of the safety conditions of the bridge in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

TEKNES INNOVACION, (www.teknes.es) brings to INTEMAC a great specialization in monitoring structures and geotechnical auscultation and above all an advanced proprietary technology (instrumentation, telecommunications and software) that has led it to be the company that has monitored the most viaducts, bridges and tunnels in Spain in recent years. Currently, it monitors more than 50 critical structures controlling more than 3,500 sensors in real time

Monitoring of the Almonte Viaduct during construction and operation