Engineering & Consulting

At INTEMAC, our Engineering & Consulting division is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technical excellence. 

With a multidisciplinary approach, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions that not only respond to the current challenges of construction and civil engineering, but also anticipate the future needs of the industry.

From the conceptual phase to the completion of the project.

INTEMAC understands that each project is unique and requires a personalized approach; therefore, it focuses on understanding specific objectives to develop tailored strategies that help achieve goals.

Through continuous innovation, application of advanced technologies, and adherence to industry best practices, INTEMAC is committed to being the trusted partner in engineering and consulting, adding significant value to projects and contributing to the success of investments.

Our Engineering and Consulting Services

Consulting, Construction Engineering, and Operation and Maintenance services are designed to cover every aspect of projects, ensuring sustainable, efficient and high-quality solutions.