INTEMAC Monographs

INTEMAC publications with an eminently practical character, aimed at dealing with very specific topics that either present a marked level of problems in practice, or are insufficiently covered by the corresponding Regulations and technical documentation. If you would like any of them, or more information, please contact Rosario Barral: / +34916753100.

Drainage of ground floors of buildings and drainage and waterproofing of basements

J. Calavera Ruíz – J. Jalvo García – J. Ley Urzaiz – J. Mª Luzón Cánovas – J. Tapia Menéndez

June 1998

Critical points in the water tightness of facades and roofs

J. Jordán de Urries de la Riva – J. Jalvo García – J. Mª Luzón Cánovas – A. Muñoz Mesto

April 1999

Visual aspects of concrete

J. Calavera Ruíz – J. Fernández Gómez – G. González Isabel – P. López Sánchez – J. M. Pérez Luzardo

January 1999

Prefabrication of buildings and industrial buildings

J. Calavera Ruíz – J. Fernández Gómez

June 2001

Maintenance and repair of concrete walls

R. Barrios Corpa – C. Beteta Cejudo – E. Díaz Heredia – J. Fernández Gómez – J. Mª Rodríguez Romero

May 2003

Pathology, intervention techniques and cleaning of brick kilns Non-destructive testing and load testing

P. López Sánchez – J. Mª Luzón Cánovas – I. Martínez Pérez – A. Muñoz Mesto – A. Fernández Sáez

October 2003

Wooden structures

J. Mª. Izquierdo y Bernaldo de Quirós

2005 - 87 pages