Recycling and Reuse of Materials

The Recycling and Reuse of Materials is a key pillar in INTEMAC’s sustainability strategy. . This service focuses on the efficient management of resources, promoting practices that extend the useful life of materials and reduce waste generation.

Through innovation in recycling techniques and the optimization of reuse processes, the aim is to minimize environmental impact and promote a circular economy.

Technical Assistance for the Use of Recycled Materials

INTEMAC is a company highly committed to sustainability and the environment. Its MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY department carries out countless activities aimed at increasing the influence of the circular economy in the construction sector, as it has the largest accelerated aging chambers that exist in Spain, our activities are not limited to prescribing materials or forms of application, but can be carried out once the work units are aged the relevant tests to evaluate their mechanical characteristics in the future, ensuring compliance with the indicated prescriptions.

INTEMAC also contributes its knowledge and experience on the behavior of various additions to the cement industry to create more sustainable products with a lower carbon footprint.

Pedro López - Chemistry ,MSc , PhD