Quality and Respect for the Environment

INTEMAC is firmly committed to environmental conservation, excellence in the quality of its work, complete customer satisfaction, the protection of the safety and health of its employees, and the continuous promotion of innovation to improve its processes, products, and services. These commitments are the pillars that guide all the company’s actions in every project it undertakes.

This philosophy is reflected in its Management System policy, which establishes the general principles that guide its activities. These principles are embodied in the System’s procedures, which define the necessary mechanisms and protocols to ensure the fulfillment of these commitments in all areas of its operation.

Management System Policy

INTEMAC has its own quality and environmental management system and a prevention management system within the TYPSA Group’s Integrated Management System.

Our key documents, such as our quality, environmental, and prevention policy, not only reflect our vision and commitment but also support our efforts with certifications that validate our dedication to the highest standards in all our practices.

ENAC Accreditation

The Institute’s Central Laboratory is ACCREDITED BY ENAC with accreditation nº 25/LE039 ENAC Accreditation, according to the criteria set out in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. The scope of this accreditation, granted on 09/05/1991, is defined in the Technical Annex Rev. 28 dated 11/02/2022. SCOPE BASED ON Technical Annex No. 25/LE039 Rev. 28 28

The determinations referred to in the aforementioned scope correspond to:

Tests of concrete, derivatives, cements and constituents.

Testing of metallic materials.

This accreditation is internationally recognized and provides customers and stakeholders with confidence that the results issued by the laboratory are accurate, reproducible, and supported by a robust and transparent quality management system.

Laboratory registered in the general register of the Technical Code

INTEMAC’s Central Laboratory is registered in the General Register of Testing Laboratories for Building Quality Control (LEcce) with registration MAD-L-030 and registration date 25 March 2011, according to Royal Decree 410/2010, 31 March, in subsection 5.1. of the General Register of the Technical Building Code (CTE).


Carbon footprint

The engineering and construction sector is one of the most important economic sectors, but it is also one of the largest generators of CO2 emissions and waste. Therefore, we must accelerate the process towards more durable and sustainable construction.

One of the main elements in this transition is eco-design and the selection of construction materials. Sustainable construction solutions must consider the life cycle of materials and their carbon footprint, promoting the reduction of non-renewable raw materials, the use of renewable raw materials, and the employment of by-products or secondary materials, whether they are mining, industrial, or water purification residues.

Aware of the importance of addressing this challenge, the activities of the Laboratory of the Technical Institute of Materials and Construction (INTEMAC) include:

  • Monitoring the CO2 emissions of raw materials used in the manufacture of construction materials through laboratory tests, helping manufacturers comply with Spanish and European regulations for the evaluation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Developing studies and technical reports for the introduction of new sustainable, durable, and resilient materials suitable for the production of construction materials, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the energy used to manufacture binders

Environmental Performance

INTEMAC, aware of the implications that its activities have on pollution prevention and environmental protection and improvement, has made a commitment to respect the environment, as expressed in its Quality and Environmental Policy. This commitment is materialized in an Environmental Management System, documented in its Organization Manual and detailed in its organizational procedures, which establish the publication of a report that includes annual data on consumption and waste management.

Environmental performance


All suppliers, providers, partners, and subcontractors of INTEMAC are evaluated on the contracted work and are required to comply with the provider’s environmental commitment in the scope of their service provision.