Operation and Maintenance

The operation and maintenance of infrastructures requires a proactive approach and specialized knowledge to ensure their optimal operation and extend their useful life.

INTEMAC offers complete operation and maintenance management services that range from supervision and daily operation to the implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance programs. The team is equipped to ensure that assets maintain their value and functionality, minimizing risks and costs in the long term.

Plant Function Tests

The building’s own installations make up a particularly conflictive chapter in its construction, both because its correct functioning is one of the top priorities for the user and is key to the building’s maintenance costs, and because of the difficulty that its assembly on site poses, due to the diversity of equipment, networks and settings that must be made compatible.

INTEMAC carries out systematic inspections to control the execution, verifying it in such a way that the project specifications and relevant regulations are complied with.

  • Receiving Materials
  • Dimensional verification of networks, conduits, conduits, etc.
  • Checking the support systems.
  • Checking insulation systems, heating pipes and material protection.
  • Checking general aspects of the quality of the assembly.
  • Supervision of partial tests on hydraulic circuits and conduit networks.
  • Leak tests in hydraulic networks.
  • Assembly control with writing of periodic reports.
  • Analysis and advice in the case of incorrectly executed units.
  • Final tests of installations (plumbing, air conditioning, sanitation, elevators, etc.)
Manuel González Carmona - Industrial Engineer


Intemac has provided a service to the property in the various actions involved in the commissioning of the facilities of a building.

His extensive experience and participation in numerous constructions allows him to advise the client both in the administrative procedures and in the more properly technical commissioning tests of the installations. It should be noted that Intemac’s advice is provided in all phases, planning the activity from the beginning of the project and accompanying the client in all its stages until the construction is operational.

Manuel González Carmona - Industrial Engineer

Maintenance Plans

INTEMAC can provide an effective service to the property, both in cases of building and civil works, to establish an adequate maintenance program.

This service can be considered from its initial phase, which would correspond to the analysis of the current state, and to the carrying out of a preliminary inventory in the event that maintenance is proposed in a set of buildings, bridges, port facilities, etc. From this initial analysis, the actions to be undertaken will be deduced, with an order of priorities that allows the investment to be planned, and the monitoring and maintenance measures to be carried out in each case.

The results are collected in reports and computer applications that allow effective information management, both individually for each element and as a whole, facilitating the allocation of resources, the prioritization of actions and maintenance planning. These computer applications make it possible to record maintenance operations, so that information on the state of the infrastructures is permanently updated.

INTEMAC has extensive experience in carrying out this type of action, experience that it puts at the service of the client to adapt this activity to their needs.

Raúl Rodríguez - MSc, PhD Structural and Civil Engineer

Asset Management Systems

Structure management systems: Bridges, tanks, antennas, etc.

INTEMAC has carried out for the Ministry of Public Works, several autonomous communities, some of the largest municipalities in Spain and Highway Concessionaires the implementation of a management system for their structures. These systems make it possible to inventory structures, systematize routine, main and special inspections and help to prioritize investments. INTEMAC has implemented various Management Systems (Icaro by RAUROS, Goa by BETAR or Aura by CIVILNOVA) developed by external engineering companies and also in some dealerships it has developed its own Management Systems.

The Management System used by INTEMAC consists of:



  • MAIN



INTEMAC has carried out the inspection of more than 7,500 bridges belonging to the road network of the Ministry of Public Works and RENFE and ADIF. The structures of important towns (such as Zaragoza or Madrid) and the structures of some of the most important motorway concessionaires in Spain have also been the periodic target of inspections that have made it possible to know the situation of the fleet of structures and to prioritise and minimise the investments necessary to guarantee or extend the useful life of the bridges. tunnels and walls inspected. The combination of the knowledge and experience of its engineers, graduates in chemical sciences and geologists is a guarantee for the completion of these works with the greatest speed and economy.

Javier de la Cuerda - Civil Engineering