Consulting Services

At INTEMAC, consulting focuses on delivering customized and strategic solutions to the challenges faced by clients. The team of experts uses a collaborative approach to deeply understand the specific needs of each project, ensuring innovative and effective solutions that align with goals and budgets. From feasibility studies to risk management, the goal is to maximize value and ensure the sustainable success of projects.

Raúl Rodríguez - MSc, PhD Structural and Civil Engineer

Due Diligence

Technical Economic Audit.

INTEMAC can provide valuable technical assistance in carrying out a Due Diligence in a building, to know:

  • The current state of the building.
  • The degree of compliance with current regulations.
  • The adequacy of the maintenance carried out to date.
  • The investments to be made to correct the deficiencies it presents or, where appropriate, to adapt it to a new use.
  • The prioritization of the investments to be made and the possibility of scheduling them over time.
  • Future maintenance needs.

In addition to the technical information deduced from the study, the economic valuation of the actions to be carried out would be added.

All this information is a valuable aid when making decisions about the building.

Raúl Rodríguez - MSc, PhD Structural and Civil Engineer

Geotechnical Consulting

One of INTEMAC’s most characteristic activities is Technical Assistance and Quality Control for Project and Construction. The Geotechnics Area has extensive experience and has achieved great specialization in these tasks, both in Building and Civil Works. In this way, it has participated in activities of the following nature.

  • Foundations of building structures and civil works
  • Geotechnical supervision of Civil Works Projects: Highways, Railways, Metro, etc.
  • Excavations and basement and retaining walls
  • Urbanization works
  • Earthworks: clearings and fills
  • Hydraulic works
  • Foundation underpinning
  • Consolidation and soil treatments
Alberto Blanco Geologist. Master I. Geotechnics

Expert Opinions

The independence of INTEMAC, the specialization of its personnel and the means available to its laboratories allows it to successfully address any expert report in construction matters: damage due to anomalous behavior of the structure, foundation problems, anomalies in architectural units such as enclosures, waterproofing, coatings, carpentry, curtain walls, etc.; and anomalies in facilities.

Thus, INTEMAC is in the best conditions to issue technical judgments on any construction litigation, preparing expert reports or opinions that include:

  • The diagnosis of the causes of the anomalies, their significance and their possible evolution
  • The definition of the measures to be adopted
  • An economic assessment, if necessary, of the measures to be adopted
Raúl Rodríguez - MSc, PhD Structural and Civil Engineer