Renewable energies

INTEMAC’s commitment to the future of the planet is reflected in its approach to Renewable Energies. . This service focuses on the promotion and application of clean and sustainable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass.

We work closely with customers to design and implement solutions that not only reduce dependence on fossil fuels but also optimize energy production and minimize environmental impact.

Wind turbines

Geotechnical studies

INTEMAC has developed geotechnical studies both in Spain and abroad for the implementation of wind turbines. Our studies are not limited to characterizing the terrain but also recommend the type of foundation to be used (superficial or deep) and the most suitable technique for improving the soil if it happens that the performance of the original terrain is not sufficient.

Alberto Blanco L. Geological Sciences

Soil improvement projects

INTEMAC has carried out a study in Brazil on how to improve the soil conditions to implement foundations for large wind turbines there. Solutions have been studied through injections, the creation of jet grouting columns, etc.

Alberto Blanco L. Geological Sciences

Product selection and suitability study

INTEMAC has supported companies that have built wind farms in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, El Salvador, Poland, etc. In these countries, the materials that are marketed are not those included in Spanish or European standards. The process of identifying the characteristics of local products and studying whether they are compatible with the products specified in your project is a technical assistance that has been highly valued by our customers.

Pedro López Graduate in Chemistry , MSc , PhD

Foundation Projects

INTEMAC has successfully developed the wind turbine foundation project both in Spain and in various foreign countries, our clients have valued the efficiency of the design and the knowledge of the particularities of local products. On the other hand, as we have a very powerful Geotechnics department within INTEMAC, the necessary interaction between the Geotechnics and Structures departments is always very fluid and it is not necessary to require external experts.

Miguel Ángel Liébana. Industrial Engineer

Technical Assistance during execution

INTEMAC has more than 15 years of experience in controlling the execution of foundations and shafts of wind turbines. He has performed these tasks in countries such as Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, and many others. This technical assistance is carried out by moving experienced technical teams to the place where these structures are executed, who also have a continuous link with our offices and laboratory for the resolution of any problem that may occur.

Elena Díaz Structural and Civil Engineer, MSc, PhD

Structural pathology, repair solutions and/or reinforcement

For more than 15 years, INTEMAC has carried out studies to determine the origin of pathologies detected in foundations and shafts of wind turbines. We have studied defects originating in the materials used, in incorrect details collected in projects, in the deficient execution of some work units, etc. With its extensive experience, INTEMAC has studied the structural significance of the defects detected and, where necessary, has designed the most appropriate repair and/or reinforcement solution to solve the problems found.

Eduardo Díaz Pavón. MSc , PhD Structural and Civil Engineer


Study of anomalies in photovoltaic plants

Intemac has carried out various studies on damage to photovoltaic plant structures, offering our clients reports indicating the origin of the damage detected, the extent of the damage and the possible solution to the defects manifested, specifying this solution in descriptive plans of the solution to be adopted.

Also in our Laboratory, full-scale tests have been carried out to break some of the structures belonging to some of the largest solar plants in Europe.

Raúl Rodríguez Structural and Civil Engineer