On July 22nd, the INTERNATIONAL CONCRETE FEDERATION (IBF) informed our Honorary President that he had been awarded the highest distinction it grants: to be a “FIB FELLOW”.

This distinction is an honour only given to two other Spanish engineers with an extraordinary career: Alvaro García Messeger and Hugo Corres and has been received by very distinguished personalities such as Jiri Strásky, Michel Virlogeux, Joost Walraven, Steen Rostam, Guiseppe Mancini or Luc Taerwe.

Our Honorary President was also a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and a Fellow of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). He has two honorary doctorates and has received countless awards throughout his fruitful life.

This new distinction, more than deserved, recognizes his enormous work within Civil Engineering as a designer (Fuente Dé Cable Car, Torrelavega Cattle Fair, etc.), as a teacher (Professor at the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid), as a science disseminator (author of more than twenty books in three languages, and a prominent member of the vast majority of scientific associations in the field of Civil Engineering in Spain, Europe and worldwide) and as a businessman (founder of INTEMAC).

It is a pride for INTEMAC and for the TYPSA Group to continue counting on his wise advice to be able to continue developing the work we do, focused, as he always repeats, on the following

– The Studio. It is always necessary to know and use the latest standards, books and scientific articles to always be at the forefront of science, but it is also necessary to know how it has gotten there. Knowing the historical evolution of the regulations, it will be understood how some of the structures that we now have to evaluate were designed.

Work. It is always necessary to dedicate the necessary time to the work that concerns us. Skimping on effort and dedication will only lead us not to definitively solve the problem at hand.

Research. It is not possible to progress without constantly reviewing what we know and evaluating where the future will lead us.

Independence. INTEMAC is highly valued for the independence with which it has always worked; Although on some occasions this virtue has brought him problems in the short term because he does not give in to pressure, independence is our greatest asset. The clients we want to have and have in abundance know that they can always count on our independent and well-founded opinion.

These four principles have helped us to walk successfully for more than 50 years and are sure to help us do so with the same success for years to come.

Fdo. Jorge Ley

Director General