INTEMAC has been awarded the tender promoted by the Port Authority of Seville for the “Drafting of the construction project for the rehabilitation of the Muelle de las Delicias in the Port of Seville, adapted for the berthing of sports boats, especially megayachts”. Most of the intervention is structural rehabilitation due to durability problems caused by corrosion processes of reinforced concrete structures. In the Delicias Pier are the Seville Aquarium and the Argentina Pavilion of the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929; until the mid-twentieth century it was mainly used for the transport of goods, although since the 1980s it has been used for tourist cruise ships.In the 2000s, the old port shed was readapted to serve as a maritime passenger station.In 2013, this environment was fenced off and the station was expanded with a modern structure built with containers used for the transport of goods. It is located south of the New York Pier, which begins north of the Los Remedios Bridge. The Muelle de las Delicias ends at the bridge of Las Delicias, which is a drawbridge to enable cruise ships to enter the pier and the access of boats to the Yacht Club, in the neighborhood of Los Remedios, which is located on the other bank.