Technical assistance and quality control of the metal structure of the Barranco de la Bota Viaduct

UTE Puerto Querol

Madrid. Spain
Key data:

The Barranco de la Bota Viaduct is 482 m long in which the main span over the ravine stands out, with a span of 102 m that is saved by a double pointed metal arch. It so happens that the route of the bridge in that section is curved, so the arch is also curved. This viaduct is included in the N-232 Refurbishment works. Section: Barrando de la Bota – Masía de la Torreta (Puerto de Querol) that included the replacement of the reinforced concrete arch bridge, which only allowed the passage of a single direction, with the new deck executed.


Technical assistance and reception control of the metal structure including the performance of non-destructive tests (ultrasound, magnetic particles and penetrating liquids).