Damage study, Rehabilitation Project and Construction Management in the Church of the Brotherhoods of Labor

Hermandades del Trabajo

Madrid, Spain
Key data:

At the end of 2019, INTEMAC carried out a study of the structure of the chapel, in which the deficiencies detected were defined and delimited (especially in the roof area, in which the consequences of a previous repair that caused thrusts in the side walls, as well as leaks/dampness) were observed. In 2020, this study was completed with the technical-economic analysis of the most viable alternatives for the execution of the actions that would correct these deficiencies. In the meantime, provisional cable-stayed measures were carried out, until the definitive solution could be carried out. Next, the Execution Project was carried out with the selected alternative, and throughout 2022 the planned rehabilitation works were executed and completed, being able to open the chapel to the public again.


Study of the damages. Execution project. Construction Management.