Control and surveillance during the construction works of the platform of the section: Nudo de La Trinidad – Montcada, on the High Speed Line: MADRID-ZARAGOZA-BARCELONA-FRENCH BORDER


Barcelona. Spain
Key data:

Tunnel of 3.7 Km of which 3.02 Km are made with TBM with EPB earth pressure shield and excavation diameter 11.66 m, lined with segments, 1 attack shaft, 1 extraction shaft, 1 pumping shaft, 3 emergency and ventilation exits, pedestrian galleries and railway replacements


The functions that INTEMAC performs in its Technical Assistance Units on site are: Quality Assurance, Geometric, Qualitative and Quantitative Control, Supervision of Construction Engineering, Control of Deadlines and Budget, Environmental Coordination, Coordination of Health and Safety and Specialized Assistance of Incidents on Site.